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Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Internal Representation & Support
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Public Commitment
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External Communication
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To evaluate this pillar, we take into consideration a range of factors, including but not limited to:

- Employee representation

- Diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI)

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We weigh a company’s degree of public commitment primarily on their monetary contributions to DEI matters or organizations fighting racial injustice.

Forms of monetary support we look for:

One-off donations
Recurring donations
Grant initiatives
Employee donation matching



We have not identified any notable highlights for this brand.


Wyndham has given absolutely zero indication that they are committed to racial equity. Despite being vocal about safety precautions they have taken in response to COVID-19, they have not issued any public statements, pledged any money, or given any sort of indication that they are in support of racial justice.

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We scour the company’s website and official social media channels to determine what message they are sending around racial injustice, how they are communicating it, and whether their communications are perceived as genuine or performative.

Public statement: We verify that companies have made a formal statement regarding racial injustice.

Social media: We consider how a company uses their platform(s) beyond performative allyship.

Representation: For companies that have the opportunity to showcase diversity in their feed, we consider whether they have adequate Black representation and BIPOC representation across their models. 

Looking for an equitable brand as a replacement? Click here to see our directory! 

Deep Dive

I. Internal Representation & Support:

Board of Directors:

12% - 13% Black, 21% - 25% BIPOC, 21% - 25% Women

Executive Leadership:

8% - 9% Black, 36% - 40% BIPOC, 26% - 30% Women

> 15% Black, > 40% BIPOC, > 50% Women


A Black employee resource group

DEI Support:

II. Public Commitment

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts has little to no evidence of any monetary commitment publicly available.

III. External Communications

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts has not issued a public statement. has not issued a public statement. Since June 2020, the brand has not posted on social media about racial injustice. The brand has not made an effort to include ethnic diversity on social media and there is little to no evidence on social media of inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community, people living with disabilities, or a wide range of models with varying body types.
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