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Keyonna Smith

Yohanna Andom

Jaelin McCreary

our story

Undertones is committed to bringing companies’ true colors to the surface. Amidst a nationwide reckoning with racial injustice, our team of Black women banded together under one common goal: make the world a more equitable place for BIPOC communities, with an emphasis on the Black community. We deliver transparency by uncovering the economic, social, and community impacts of the brands you know and love. Through real, unbiased reviews meant to inform consumers, we aspire to inspire equitable purchasing decisions while providing consumer brands with a partner in accountability.
Our mission is based on 5 values that we find essential to creating an equitable and just society: equity, agency, transparency, accountability, and community.
Transparency is the bare-minimum, not a cause for applause. We believe that consumers are entitled to know whether their brand patronage supports or harms BIPOC communities.
Our team came together out of a need to see brands take action, but it cannot stop with us. While companies should act on their own accord, we must hold them accountable through our collective purchasing power. As a platform rooted in community, we encourage you to provide feedback, share your experiences, and suggest brands or updates that you would like to see. By speaking out and calling brands into the work of racial justice, we can tap into our individual and collective agency to shift the status quo. Though this began as a tool for ourselves, we want to continue shaping this as a platform that is accessible to everyone.
At Undertones, we hope to provide guidance to consumers in BIPOC-owned brand discovery as well as provide discerning, unbiased ratings that bring companies’ true colors to the surface. Through our combined efforts, we can create meaningful, lasting change to cultivate an equitable world.
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